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"What happened to superior Japanese technology?"
Whenever I hear this, I strongly feel our duty.
Our philosophy has always been "striving to be the best, not the biggest" , and we have solely challenged ourselves to develop and build the highest quality machining centers in the world. We consider ourselves one of the few companies remaining which focuses on quality first and foremost, rather than business expansion. This philosophy has always provided and will continue to provide a strong backbone to all of our business activities.
It is reasonable that the erosion of Japanese manufacturing technologies can be attributed to technology transfer overseas, and the retiring of baby boomers who contributed to Japan's miraculous growth period. The best machines can only be produced at first-rate manufacturing shops. It is no exaggeration to say that a successful transition of superior technology and techniques will be the lifeline for the survival of our craft.
Fortunately, YASDA had prepared for this transition by carefully training the next generation of engineers with our high-level technologies, techniques and know-how to build the highest caliber machining centers, just as we have been for the past 70 years.
YASDA has been and will continue to nurture our creative and innovative development concepts to meet the demand for reliable machines that the market has come to expect.
I believe YASDA works within the causal relationship that "people make the enterprise and the enterprise makes people" and that we should communicate our brand philosophy boldly and clearly.
As the revitalization of manufacturing occurs in Japan and worldwide, I believe it is our responsibility to contribute to society through manufacturing machines. YASDA should continue in our challenge to deliver superior machines that the market demands,
through our innovative technologies, expert techniques and know-how.
This has been the goal we aspire to at YASDA.

Yukihiko Yasuda
Representative President

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