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YASDA has been constantly tackling the development of precision machining technology since its foundation and entrance into the machine tool building industry with the introduction of the “Jig master”horizontal boring & milling machine in 1964.
In 1966 our development of the horizontal machining center caught the attention of fellow builders as the very first of its kind in Japan.
Since then, with a highly precise machining area as the target, YASDA has been steadily expanding as a maker of durable, high-precision machining centers.
Now, YASDA’s products are competitively positioned with those of world’s leading makers and they are relied heavily upon by leading manufacturers.

1929   Sinjiro Yasuda founds Strong Shoukai in Osaka City, the first enterprise to perform boring of automobile engine cylinders and manufactures various pistons.
1938   Develops cylinder boring machine and sleeve tool.
1939   Strong Shoukai,Shinjiro Yasuda’s private enterprise, is incorporated in Osaka City.
1940   Starts production of previously developed cylinder boring machine and sleeve tools.
1944   Because of war, the authorities force the company to move the factory to Kasaoakamachi(currently Ksaoka City),Okayama prefecture.
1945   Suspends operation temporarily as the war ends.
1946   Resumes production of cylinder boring machine
1960   Because a member of Japan Machine Builder’ Association.
1961   Develops automatic honing machine.
1962   The director of Small and Medium Enterprises Agency designates the company’s factory as the model for small and medium enterprises’ streamlined factory (subsequently designated as the model six times).
  A part of the Sasayama factory (currently the head office and factory) is completed.
1964   Develops Jig Master(precision horizontal boring/milling machine).
1966   Develops Precision Center(machining center).
1968   Completes the second stage of the construction of the Sasayama factory(currently the head office and factory)
1969   Moved head office and factory to ex- Sasayama factory, Satosho-cho, Okayama.
1970   Shinjiro Yasuda is awarded the Fifth Order of the Rising Sun with Twin Lights for his development of boring machine.
  Establishes technical agreement with Sundstrand Corporation for spindle tool supporting mechanism and device.
1971   Receives the Smaller Enterprises Research Center Award.
1972   Increases the paid-in capitol to 40.5 million yen.
1976   Yukihuiko Yasuda becomes the president.
1977   Licenses to a Romanian company the technologies for manufacturing the machining center YBM-70N.
1978   Machining center YPC45 received the 8th “Machine Design Award” by Nikkan Kogyo Shim bun.
1980   Completes the extension of the head office & factory.
  Licenses to a Hungarian company the technologies for manufacturing the machining center YBM-90N.
  Develops Precision Center YPC-50V jointly with Kankoku Toitsu Sangyo.
1983   License to Bridgeport Machines Limited, U.K., the technologies for manufacturing the machining center YPC-30.
  "Science and Technology Agency director general prize" award.
1985   Completes the construction of the temperature stabilized assembly workshop at the head office.
1986   Licenses to Bridgeport machines Limited, U.K., the technologies for manufacturing the machining center YPC-45H.
1989   Introduces the corporate identity program, celebrating the 60th anniversary.
1991   Integrated plant of sheet metal and coating, isothermal assembling plant expanded and precision measurement room newly installed.
1995   Yukihiko Yasuda is awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon for invention of high precision machining center
2000   The 2nd factory building of headquarter was completed.
2001   Test cut Showroom in the main factory was completed.
  Dining-room building completion.
  Manufacturing technology related to the machining center “H40” is provided to KONDIA (Spain.)
2005   Main factory 2nd machining Workshop is completed.
2006   Selected as one of 300 energetic small and medium sized enterprises whose specialty is engineering by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2007   Yukihiko Yasda is awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for development and manufacturing of ultrahigh precision machining center.
  Develops Jig Master “YBM50J-S” is selected for Best Technical Award at “The 9th Award for Machine Tools with Historic Value” by the Museum of Industrial Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology.
2008   The Shanghai office was established.
2009   The 3rd high accurate homoiothermal factory building of headquarter was completed.
2013 We installed photovoltaic power generation panels in the 3rd head office factory roof.
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