Product information list

Travel X-axis travel (Longitudinal movement of table) 1250mm
Y-axis travel (Vertical movement of spindle head) 1000mm
Z-axis travel (Cross movement of Column) 1100mm
C-axis travel (Table rotation) 360°
B-axis travel (tilting table rotation) +100°〜 -100°
Traverse rate Rapid traverse rate (Xaxis) 45000mm/min
Rapid traverse rate (Y,Zaxis) 48000mm/min
Feedrate(Caxis) 100min-1
Feedrate(Baxis) 70min-1
Feedrate(X,Y,Zaxis) 10000mm/min (HSM MODE)
Table Table working surface 500 x 500mm
Table loading capacity 500kg
Spindle The highest revolving speed 10000min-1
Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper,No.50(BT50)
Automatic tool changer Tool storage capacity 60 tools
NC equipment FANUC 31i-MODEL B5

Table is 4 times more rigid

●The newly designed table unit is 4 times as rigid as our existing product. Deformation amount when loading a workpiece, is largely reduced by 40% compared with our existing products.

Further improved response for machining difficult-to-cut materials and heavy-duty cutting

●The 2-axis table employs the high-power direct drive motors and high stiffness bearing realizing high rigidity and high speed for further improving the machine performance for difficult-to-cut materials and heavy-duty cutting.
  •  5AXES
  • YBM Series(5axes)
  • YBM Vi40
  • YBM 7Ti
  • YBM 8T-TT
  • YBM 10T-TH
  • YBM 10T-100TT
  • H Series
  • H30i
  • H40i
  • PX Series
  • PX30i