Hand scraping

A machining center is the “Base Machine”capable of making any metal part. There is no compromise on its quality. A machine tools made from parts manufactured by a base machine cannot be better than the base machine further improvement to the quality of the parts made by machining, demands the “Measurement Technique”and“Adjustment Know How”of a talented & skilled craftsman. This need is to handle minute deviations that may arise during the machining process.

There is a certain accuracy domain, which cannot be achieved by simply machining. The processing machine is always unstable because of changes in temperature and humidity. An excerpter can understand these variations and manually remove those minute deviations by repetitive scraping and measurement. This job cannot be performed by machining, but requires skilled manpower. True “High Precision”requires never ending dedicating.
This process makes the keen competition among highly skilled human craftsmanship, super precision metrological instruments and high precision machines that are repeatedly put to the test to achieve even higher accuracy results.

Advanced machining technologies and YASDA’s traditional persistence to the accuracies produce highly reputed machining centers that can properly be called“Precision Centers”and challenges YASDA to strive towards“ultra accuracy”level as well.

Hand scraping, which is necessary for ultimate flatness and perpendicularity on key component, is the most important procedure to achieve the accuracy and durability of machining center.

Scraping the pallet top surface : achieving micrometer level accuracy


Scraping to guide way mounting surface: Ensuring high flatness and Perpendicularity

Scraping to sliding surface of rotary table