YASDA’s Initiatives for a Sustainable Society

Machine tools play an important role in supporting the foundation of all industrial product manufacturing. This is called the “mother machine” and has played an indispensable role in making human life more convenient and comfortable.

The quality of our products, which we produce with unparalleled precision, contributes directly to the reduction of environmental impact through energy and resource conservation.

By nurturing the people who support this kind of product manufacturing and a corporate culture that contributes to the community, YASDA will continue to support and work toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for society and the environment through the manufacture and sale of machine tools.

Efforts to carefully protect personnel and nurture their mental and physical well-being.

We are making company-wide efforts to create an environment where employees can work with smiles on their faces, and to create a system to pass down expertise to the next generation.

Aiming to create an equitable society.

Promote equal work regardless of gender or nationality, and work styles that match the lifestyles of workers. By accepting young interns, we are creating learning opportunities that contribute to the local community.

Contribution to the local community.

In collaboration with nearby manufacturing companies, we hold events teach technology through play hoping to nurture future leaders.
We are contributing to the community by hosting local youth soccer tournaments, supporting mechanical engineering students, etc.

Reduction of environmental impact and responsibility as a manufacturer.

We strive to create value for a sustainable society by reducing the environmental impact of our machine tools as production goods.
We believe that our craftsmanship and commitment to creating high-precision, high-rigidity machines with long life cycles will contribute to reducing the environmental impact.