1 Accuracy

for accuracy

“Aiming for 1 μm”
In order to challenge areas that are impossible with only machining and to make machines with perfect linear axes, YASDA continues to utilize the scraping process.

Temperature control
for accuracy.

In order to assemble the high accurate parts finished by scraping, it is important to suppress temperature changes in the factory during assembly.
At YASDA, the temperature in the factory is thoroughly controlled, and the temperature change in 24 hours is kept within 0.5℃. The temperature difference between the floor surface and 5 meters from the floor is kept within 0.6℃.

Factory temperature control

YMC 430
Positioning Accuracy (A)
X:0.5 Y:0.6 Z:0.4㎛
Repeatability (R)
ISO230-2(2014) Actual value
YBM 950V
Positioning Accuracy (A)
X:2.2 Y:1.1 Z:1.5㎛
Repeatability (R)
ISO230-2(2014) Actual value
Positioning Accuracy (A)
X:3.0 Y:2.7 Z:2.6㎛
Repeatability (R)
ISO230-2(2014) Actual value

2 Rigidity

for rigidity

The highly rigid box guideway is fixed to the mounting surface, which is straightened by scraping. This improves vibration damping and achieves both high rigidity and high precision.

for rigidity

The total weight of the machine supporting a 100kg workpiece is 8,000kg.
The logic of machine weight ≈machine rigidity is a principle that has not changed even with the advancement of technology.

Long tool life supported
by rigidity

By combining a highly rigid machine with a high-precision spindle, tool wear caused by vibration during machining, spindle runout, etc is minimized.

3 Stability

Thermal displacement control
for stability.

YASDA’s thermal distortion stabilizing system prevents sudden geometry change of the machine due to temperature change in the surrounding area by circulating the heat exchange liquid controlled at ±0.2°C relative to the room temperature throughout the machine.

This enables stable, high-precision machining for a long time.

Temperature inside factory

4 Long life

YASDA‘s machines, which assemble straight parts together without stress, are resistant to geometry changes even after years of use, and achieve high-precision machining for a long time.

It is possible to continuously satisfy the ever-increasing precision requirements for products.

Machine accuracy changes
Example of “YBM 60N”

Duration of use:

28 years 11 months

116,000 hours: 11h/day

Positioning accuracy
October 1993

X axis ± 0.001

Y axis ± 0.001

Z axis ± 0.001

May 2016

X axis ± 0.002

Y axis ± 0.002

Z axis ± 0.001

October 1993

X axis   0.001

Y axis   0.001

Z axis   0.001

May 2016

X axis   0.001

Y axis   0.001

Z axis   0.003

Parallelism of pallet surface and axis
October 1993


May 2016


5 Easy to use.

High precision to everyone.

More easy and more user friendly by YASDA’s original software


YASDA machines are equipped with a
variety of measuring instruments
aiming to Maintain accuracy of workpiece
and to reduce work of operator

High Precision Machining

Advanced measurement functions provide
complete support for high precision


Preventive maintenance by monitoring
machine condition


It is possible to visualize running time,
machining time, spindle rotation time,
and temperature around the machine.
addition, tool information and machining
schedules can be managed.