Matters of Note for Use

The Site is managed by YASDA PRECISION TOOLS, K.K. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), based on the matters set forth below. Users are requested to use the Site upon understanding the matters set forth below in advance.

Prohibited Matters

(1)The following acts shall be prohibited in use of the Site.

1)Acts which infringe or may infringe on the property or privacy, etc., of the Company or third parties

2)Acts which cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to the Company or third parties

3)Acts which are against or may be against public order and morals

4)Acts which are criminal acts or acts which lead to or may lead to criminal acts

5)Sales activities or acts for the purpose of profit or preparation therefor

6)Acts of making false declarations or reports, including registration of e-mail address of another person, etc.

7)Acts of using or providing harmful programs, including computer viruses

8)Any other acts which violate or may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances

9)Any other acts which are determined inappropriate by the Company

(2)If the Company discovers the above prohibited acts, the Company may delete all or part thereof without giving prior notice to customers, but the Company shall not be obligated to monitor the Site constantly.


(1)The Company shall carefully prepare and manage all the information posted on the Site, but the Company shall not provide any warranty of its accuracy and completeness, etc.

(2)The Company may suspend or discontinue operation of the Site or change all or part of the information posted on the Site without prior notice.

(3)The Company shall not assume any liability for any damages incurred by customers due to use of the Site or inability to use the Site for any reason or any damages incurred in relation to writing of data, unauthorized access, statements, and sending e-mails, etc., by any third party (including damages incurred by customers due to occurrence of any trouble between customers).


(1)Copyrights and ownership of the content posted on the Site shall be held by the Company. Customers are strictly prohibited from reproduction and alteration of the content, and providing a link without permission.

(2)If the Company sends e-mails to customers, all the copyrights of the content shall belong to the Company and customers may not divert or reprint it without permission.

(3)Please understand in advance that, for the information written by customers on the Site, answers to questionnaires and campaigns, etc., or information, etc., furnished to the Company at the time of application, the Company may freely use or provide for secondary use without giving notice to customers, except for personal information (according to the definitions specified in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan; hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”).

(4)Trademarks (trademarks and service marks) used on the Site shall belong to the Company or the right holders who granted to the Company the right to use them, and customers may not use them without permission.

Handling of Personal Information

For handling of personal information of customers acquired by the Site, please check the Privacy Policy of the Company.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

(1)Interpretation and operation of the Site, the Terms and the Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

(2)The Okayama District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction by agreement in the first instance in relation to legal disputes related to the Site, the Terms and the Privacy Policy.